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To celebrate Puding’s birthday on December 24th, we will be donating needed items to shelters again this year, to make sure our animal friends can spend a warm winter~

Mints who would like to help may join us through this funding pack between 2021.12.11 - 2021.12.24!
All profits will be donated to shelters under Puding's name!

To say thank you for your support Puding will be sending a special photo PDF to all donors via email after donations have been processed~
From all donations 5 people will be picked randomly to receive an additional Happy New Year card as a thank you gift from Puding! Please fill in your address in case you win the New Year card, thank you!

(All donors, no matter the amount of money donated, will receive a thank you PDF and will be entered into the random draw to win the additional gift)


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